Monday, August 12, 2013

My SicKLe so far ....

All right , here is the money pit so far ...
I've added a higher riding tank, wire wheels, low profile seat,groovy air cleaner,wild stainless bars from ,new cables,rubber Avon up front 21" ...Coker classic in the rear 16",sturdier oldsignals ( gotta have em' in Alberta), did the paint in my back yard...but like Alice says we still a long way to go !
Honestly I make 15 dollars an hour , up in Canada the average wage for a ditch digger or safety supervisor is $20 dollars starting so that being said and only my lazy job hating self to blame , It has taken most if not at times ALL of my money to get it this far !
But that's the way to go right ? broke and hungry for the next hunk of chrome or pound of steel bar ?
Sure would like some options lol

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