Sunday, September 29, 2013

PREYING SAINTS ...upcoming show !

Straight Satans MC 1% S.F.V ...#3 ( theres 2 others on my blog )

EBAY auction these and the other 2 posted are FAKES... when shopping for club property its buyer beware , you are most likely getting a clever fake or possible unwanted feedback from a closely guarded community of serious members ,regardless of the current status of the club

I'll have one with EVERYTHING!

SICKLEVILLE SWAP ...the unadvertised event that barely anybody was told about lol

so a few folks stopped by for a coffee and stories , they left with some stuff I wasn't gonna use and I managed to score a mini bike for the days work! ...thanks fellerz!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

3 wheelin it ! ( the wheels belong in the back)


 I will marry you ...whoever you are !
unless your hiding a weiner ...then forget it

Altamont ...1969


 ...So Millarville Alberta has this annual swap meet , this is it !
there wasn't as big a turnout for the chopper folks ( probably at the CHOP MEET in Saskatoon) but the tables were full of goodies and it's always worth the great drive down the cowboy trail.
* heads up a cat named Peter is opening up a sickle coffee and magazine shop in Calgary on 17th ave ...should be a destination if your in the area thats him in the last shot GOOD LUCK!