Monday, January 16, 2012


* real? homemade?


  1. I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Anywhere else I could find photos of MC cuts and anything related to the clubs themselves? Keep up the superb attention to detail, sir!! Many thanks for hours of good reading when I should be working.

  2. I think it's a faker. I have seen some pretty obvious fakes on ebay and some less obvious ones. The seller's story is always something along the lines of "got this at an estate sale don'tknow much about it" and it's almost always accompanied with a several hundred dollar starting action price or huge buy it now price. Collectors who are not knowlegeable from the eastern Europe and Asia are the targets for these fakes. This one "Southern Bones" may be a less obvious one but a well done one anyway. I did once last year see a real Outlaws cut on ebay and I was stunned to see it first of all and funny enough it was only up for about two days and then the listing and the seller dissapeared from ebay. The Japan MC guys go nuts for anything American vintage MC but are easily taken with fakes especially if well presented on places like ebay.