Thursday, December 2, 2010


This film taught me two great truths .......OH NO !

and ...OH YES!!!!
Truthfully this in my opinion is one of the finest movies of it's kind, drawing the best example of just about any b movie out there...repulsive villans,KARATE chopping,the discharge of a firearm by a civillian within city limits,mass comsumption of alcohol,choppers recklessly disobeying safe driving standards,it has all these things and more !AND some of cinemas most memorable lines prior to tarantino!
As a child my sister and I would sit on our porch to clap and cheer as the local sickle club roared down our street ( they had a clubhouse around the corner ) and after a drive in screening of this we were terrified to go anywhere near the place lol
if you have been holding out for a title to own and scare the hell outta your date with ....THIS IS IT !
5 out 0f 5...10 outta 10 !
hands down the BEST!

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