Monday, November 1, 2010

My Generation

My Generation

Well it wasn't the advent of the automobile
or rock and roll
the dawn of the sexual revolution
no woodstock
or the man keeping your words
from the people
with eyes and ears
for a new day
wouldn't call us children
no dragstrip
or tavern
this is what it was
all this bullshit
about cruise missles
not wearing polo
all this anger
from a refusal
to go without socks
gel or the latest madonna single
salons full of "updoos"
leg warmers,pleated pants
FUCKEN dayglo
so if you didn't want some bullshit job
if you weren't into sports
or gettin high in your bros muscle car
while a tired Led Zepplin casette kept the buz goin'
rollin up and down the street in a K car
you may have been lucky enough
to see a weirdo with a mohawk
ripped up worn out pants
drinkin out of a paper bag
safety pins jammed through the fleshy hang of his ears
a loser
who wouldn't be you or even try
just know this was HIS time
his fight
his party
busted knuckles dirty teeth
no where to be
my generation
the one you weren't

                      Paul Balanchuk / 2007

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