Sunday, October 24, 2010



If I was a better artist
I would paint a mural
a giant circle
of people who are notable
for one thing
so much that
people never shut up about them
never give the little guy a break
consider others
support the "it"
and not the "who"
anyway ...
the people ,hockey players,rock stars,
writers,builders,other artists
would be on their hands and knees
with their head stuffed up the ass of the jerk in front of them
like a chain
around the neck
of a very giant dick in a 3 piece suit
and their would be a rainbow coming out of the hole
(not a gay thing , I thing that a rainbow should just be a rainbow dig?)
maybe it would be riding in a pick up truck
with a one speaker radio on full volume
( you'll have to use your imagination on that last part )

                               Paul Balanchuk / 2010

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